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Free international calls

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Xcall is primarily a video conferencing app, but it also offers audio call features for users who need to connect with others over voice only. Here are some of the features of Xcall's audio call app:

High-quality audio: 

Xcall offers high-quality audio calls that use advanced audio codecs to provide clear and reliable sound.

Group calling: 

Xcall allows users to make group audio calls with up to 100 participants, which is useful for remote team meetings or conference calls.

Call recording: 

Xcall allows users to record audio calls for later playback or sharing with others. This is useful for taking notes or reviewing important conversations.

Call transfer: 

Xcall allows users to transfer audio calls to other users or devices, which is useful for transferring calls to a colleague or switching from a mobile device to a desktop computer.

Call forwarding: 

Xcall allows users to forward calls to another user or device, which is useful for users who are on the go or need to switch devices.

Call waiting: 

Xcall allows users to put calls on hold and switch between calls, which is useful for users who need to manage multiple calls at once.

Do not disturb mode: 

Xcall allows users to set their status to "do not disturb," which will silence incoming calls and notifications.

Multi-language support:

 Xcall offers support for multiple languages, which makes it accessible to users around the world.

Overall, Xcall's audio call app offers a range of features that make it a useful tool for remote communication and collaboration. With high-quality audio and a range of call management features, Xcall's audio app is a powerful tool for remote teams and individuals

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